In order to carry out the marine strategy, promote the innovation and development of marine industry, realize the new and old kinetic energy conversion of marine industry, and promote the construction of Shandong, a powerful marine province, Shandong Ocean Industry Association was established according to the notification of Work Plan for Establishing the Coordination and Promotion System of Major Project for the Conversion of New and Old Kinetic Energy (LTZ [2018] No. 20) issued by the Shandong provincial party committee and Shandong provincial government, which is jointly established by marine enterprises and social organizations and is an industrial, innovative, integrated, coordinated and non-profit social corporate organization. The business guidance units of the Association are: Shandong Ocean Bureau and Shandong Development And Reform Commission. The site of the Association is located in Qingdao.

The member units of the Association cover 8 industries, namely marine chemical, marine power equipment, marine equipment, marine food, marine biology, marine observation equipment, aquatic products deep processing and marine virtual reality, and over 200 marine enterprises; meanwhile, the Association also absorbs a group of senior marine experts both at home and abroad, universities, research institutes, innovative enterprises, service institution and incubation base, etc., so as to practically achieve close connection of upstream and downstream marine industry and combination involving production, teaching and research. With a global vision and strategic thinking, the Association has built a high-end and practical platform for scientific research, achievement transformation, industrial cluster cultivation and talent cultivation in the field of marine scientific research, striving to build a powerful engine for marine strategic development.


Serving as an important platform for “six top projects” collaborative innovation system of Shandong new and old kinetic energy conversion and construction of Shandong as a strong marine province, Shandong Ocean Industry Association takes traditional marine industrial upgrading, strategic emerging industries cultivation, marine science and technology achievements transformation, and developing an ecosystem of innovation of marine industry as the key emphasis in work, constantly innovates institution and mechanism and operation mode, gives full play to advantages of marine scientific and technological resources and manufacturing capacity of Shandong and strives to create the acceleration platform for scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship of Shandong marine industry.


Adhering to the strategic thought of maritime power and taking making modern marine industry bigger and stronger as the goal, the Association accelerates the marine superior resource sharing, promotes marine industry collaborative innovation, boosts industrial cluster development, realizes the new and old kinetic energy conversion, consciously abides by the state laws, regulations and policies, serves for members, industry development and government decision-making and makes positive contribution to the construction of Shandong as a powerful marine province and the strategy of maritime power.


(I) Research marine matters

To conduct in-depth studies on major topics such as marine strategy, marine policy, marine economy and marine management, etc., and put forward suggestions and opinions for the government;

(II) Carry out exchange and cooperation

To organize and carry out domestic and overseas exchanges and cooperation in the marine field, hold forums, conferences, expos and other activities, and provide a platform for the exchange of information between governments, research institutions and enterprises;

(III) Offer consultation service

To formulate industrial development planning and provide intellectual support for industry organizations, and provide consulting services for enterprises and public institutions in development planning, business decision-making, technological innovation and marine engineering;

(IV) Promote industrial construction

To take part in formulating industrial policy, industrial planning, standard and industrial self-disciplining standard;

 (V) Reflect opinions and suggestions

To carry out investigation and research, smooth the channels of appeal, coordinate the relationship between members, timely report the opinions and suggestions of members to government departments, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members;

 (VI) Carry out marine investigation and survey

To organize and carry out industry related surveys, data statistics and release industry information;

 (VII) Popularize marine knowledge

To actively publicize national marine policy and the strategy of maritime power, and widely disseminate modern maritime concepts;

 (VIII) To undertake matters entrusted by the government and participate in the government purchase service


According to the functional scope, the Association has set up a complete organizational structure. The working body of the Association is the Secretariat, which is responsible for its daily work. The Secretariat consists of comprehensive department, member department, publicity department, cooperation and exchange department, research and development department and makes an overall operation of 6 special committees, namely Marine Industry Education Special Committee, Marine Intellectual Property Special Committee, Marine Standardization Special Committee, Marine Finance Investment and Financing Special Committee, Marine Characteristic Park Planning and Construction Special Committee, and Marine Culture Brand Special Committee.


Experts and think tank

The Association has built a thousand talents think tank, set up a talent service platform, introduced 30-50 high-end talent teams and completed the tasks of global innovation map and global database of marine talents, laying a solid foundation and determining path for international talents, technologies, projects and funds linking. In addition, the Association has carried out the research on the development of Shandong blue economy with modern financial services, and put forward the innovative mode of finance supporting the real economy of Shandong.

Research Institute of Industrial Technology

Shandong Research Institute of Marine Industry Technology links with global marine research institutions and universities, and enterprise research and development platform, selects the marine research institutions and university innovation research platform as well as the enterprise research and development center to lead the construction of the Sub-Center of Shandong Research Institute of Marine Industry Technology.

To gather global Marine innovation resources, provide the best service platform for innovative ideas, innovative technologies, innovative products, innovative teams and start-ups, form a project library, and conduct enterprise operation or be acquired by enterprises.

To implement the new project innovation mechanism, determine the technical direction based on the national strategy and market demand, attract talents globally, realize the alliance between giants, strengthen collaborative innovation, break through the core technology, and enhance the supply capacity of Shandong marine scientific and technological achievements.

Marine Industry Education Special Committee

 (I) Marine Industry Talent Cultivation College

To establish Marine Industry Talent Cultivation College, screen university research institute training platform and well-known training enterprise to carry out entrepreneur training, set up scientific course system, equip with professional teaching staff and service team as well as professional platform for the online training, and create a talent training base oriented to marine policy, marine investment, marine industry in the mode of double platform of “online + offline”.

 (II) Industry-Education Integration Training Base of Marine Industry

The Association takes the lead to drive industry backbone enterprises to establish industry-education integration group (alliance) jointly with vocational colleges and universities, to attract small and medium-sized enterprises to participate, promote materialized operation, and promote the construction of industry-education integration training base of marine industry.

 (III) Marine Virtual Reality Research Institute

To establish Marine Virtual Reality Research Institute jointly with first-tier technology development enterprises, marine key enterprises, marine higher vocational colleges and public training bases both at home and abroad, and devote to taking the industry-education integration of marine industry as the theme, jointly research and develop marine virtual practice teaching mode and content by means of a new generation of information technology (virtual reality) to further accelerate the marine industry talents and skills training.

Marine Intellectual Property Special Committee

According to the requirements of “carrying out special patent guidance research focusing on the development of marine industry, providing directional countermeasures and suggestions of industrial development, implementing enterprise intellectual property management standard and improving enterprise intellectual property application, management and protection level” of Action Plan for Construction of Shandong as a Powerful Marine Province, Marine Intellectual Property Special Committee (and intellectual property operation service platform of marine industry) has built a professional, open and sharing work system and created the marine innovation resources aggregation ecology in aspects of data application of the intellectual property rights, legal protection, trading operations, personnel training and other contents to promote the creation, protection and utilization of core intellectual property of marine industry.

Marine Culture Brand Special Committee

The Chinese landmark brand is an authoritative system with the background of national brand strategy. Combining the Chinese landmark and Shandong Ocean Industry Association, a public service platform for the cultivation of Chinese landmark marine brand is built and thus an innovative, market-oriented and international cultural industry platform for the authoritative guidance and important support in the field of marine cultural brand is formed, undertaking marine brand certification and guidance, marine culture promotion, marine media communication, sea-related exhibition activities, marine products e-commerce, series of value-added services extended from marine brand and giving guidance and construction of Chinese landmark cultural industrial park.


The Ocean Cultural Tourism Brand Development Center is a one-stop professional cultural tourism brand service platform that integrates planning, creative design, technical development, in-depth implementation and operation & maintenance, relying on the integrated advantages of experts from think tank, platform resources and technical teams of the Association. Combining with the innovative application of the new generation of information technology such as the Internet of things, mobile Internet and virtual technology, the digital technology means such as multimedia, high-definition projection, intelligent human-computer interaction and AR/VR immersive interaction are adopted to create an innovative brand experience of “science and technology + cultural tourism”.



Marine Finance Investment and Financing Special Committee

It is committed to the interpretation of economic policies, financial information integration and financial services for marine enterprises. Aiming at the financing demands of marine enterprises in different stages of development and guided by policies, it collects funds of domestic and overseas financial institutions, integrates financial resources such as banking, securities, insurance, trust, PE/VC, guarantee, small loan, equity exchange center to realize resources integration of all kinds of financial institutions, builds abundant, efficient and low-cost financing information channels for marine enterprises and strengthens financial support for the development of marine industry.



Marine Characteristic Park Special Committee

The Marine Economy Industry Park Special Committee is determined to take the national marine strategy as the overall development policy, and fuse Chinese and overseas international marine economy characteristic industry to develop the marine economy development center with Chinese characteristics, so as to further speed up the marine development, increase marine science and technology and marine industrial structure, promote balanced development of marine economy and industry in coastal region. It will vigorously promote the development of think tanks for marine economic development and the development of the ecological marine economic industrial belt on the principle of recognizing and utilizing the ocean and solve the current situations of single industry, insufficient industrial agglomeration and unreasonable industrial ecological structure of marine economy industrial parks, so as to make them have more modern data information and industrial cluster development ability. Relying on the marine big data and marine ranching layout and taking high-end marine equipment as the means, it will deeply develop Chinese marine economy and international marine resources, and build a world-class intelligent ecological technology marine economy comprehensive characteristic industrial park.